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AI agents, GPT-Store and NoCode automations enable completely new implementation speeds of artificial intelligence in the company.

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Success with the latest AI tools
The integration of artificial intelligence into business processes is being fundamentally accelerated by technologies such as AI agents, the GPT store and NoCode automation. These tools allow companies to implement and use AI faster and more efficiently than ever before. At Pitchnext, we help you strategically deploy these technologies to optimize your business processes and create new competitive advantages.

We help you to develop and implement AI strategies.
Our team combines scientific expertise with practical experience to develop customized AI strategies for your company. We guide you from conception to implementation to ensure that you can exploit the full potential of AI technologies. With Pitchnext by your side, you can leverage the latest developments in AI to create innovative solutions and achieve your business goals.

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From insights to impact - AI strategy development that inspires

AI strategy development

Work with us to develop a future-oriented generative AI strategy that drives innovation internally and impresses the market. Strategic clarity, operational excellence, maximum automation.

Curious? We recommend our book (English version will follow soon): Künstliche Intelligenz in Training, Weiterbildung und Beratung

GPT-Store Engineering

We develop and implement customized AI solutions for use in your own company or for distribution in the OpenAI GPT Store. Increasing efficiency internally or as a new business model - we make it possible.

Are you curious about the GPT Store or not yet familiar with the possibilities? 
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Illuminate the future of AI with our keynotes. We offer inspiring insights and tangible impulses for the practical use of AI in your company and on the market.

Would you like to get an impression of an AI keynote? Have a look here...

Prompt Engineering

Optimize your GPT usage with precise prompt engineering. For internal processes or marketable products, we design the interface that delivers exactly what your business needs.

Prompt Engineering Optimize your GPT usage with precise prompt engineering. For internal processes or marketable products, we design the interface that delivers exactly what your business needs. Want to find out more? Listen to one of our podcasts on generative AI: Vodafone Podcast Dr. IoT, #17 or check out a past Prompt Engineering - webinar

“Herr Krüger schafft es mit inspirierenden Ideen und seiner kreativen Art Projekte nach vorne zu bringen. Durch seine Wertschätzung gegenüber dem Team entstand ein markanter Mehrwert bei unserer Transformation.“

Michael Brandt, Agile Coach, LBBW

"It was cool to brainstorm with Nicolai about the use of AI in our development pipeline... ...The first successes and efficiency gains are already apparent (after 4 weeks)!"

Daniel Wolpert

"Many thanks for the professional introduction to the AI tools and ChatGPT. The informal challenges were tailored to the target group of trainers and coaches and helped them to understand the possibilities as real accelerators in everyday training. In addition to highlighting the opportunities, there was also a critical look at the risks. A successful event with a highly professional trainer. Thank you, Nicolai!"

Heike M.

"Nicolai provided me with technical and business support in the initial start-up phase to sharpen and implement the Fitmill concept. I benefited from his enormous expertise. I can only recommend Nicolai and Pitchnext to anyone."

Björn Bösing

"An all-in-one style consultation. Nicolai guides me through the sessions in an appreciative and constructive manner, makes the results available digitally immediately afterwards and brings all the tools with him without me having to worry about them as a customer. This is very efficient and creates added value. It was also a lot of fun."

Erik Friemel, Unternehmer und Verwaltungsleiter

"Mr. Krüger guided us very competently through a series of agile, interactive workshops despite the short-term switch to a fully digital format and showed us how to use a range of new tools."

Prof. Dr. Susanne Staude, Präsidentin der Hochschule Ruhr West

"Mr. Krüger manages to move projects forward with inspiring ideas and his creative approach. His appreciation of the team created significant added value in our transformation."

Michael Brandt, Agile Coach, LBBW

Es war cool mit Nicolai über die Nutzung von KI in unserer Development Pipeline zu brainstormen…
…Die ersten Erfolge, bzw. Effizienzsteigerungen zeichnen sich bereits (nach 4 Wochen) ab!

Daniel Wolpert

Get to know us

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Krüger

Founder of pitchnext GmbH, Keynote-Speaker, Applied AI-Researcher

Frank Kottler

Gen AI Business Process Consultant

Christina Gottwaldt

Assistant to the CEO

Kyra Westfall

pitchnext-AI-Bot since 2019

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Upcoming Events

Training Series "Big Five 2023 - From Agility to AI" (online)

Seminar series in November

The training series, designed by Heike Molin and Nicolai Krüger, conveys the Big Five topics that are moving the training and consulting industry this year.

  • 14.11.2023   Module 1   Introduction Agility, Overview AI Tools, Creating a ChatGPT Account
  • 16.11.2023   Module 2   Scrum and Kanban
  • 21.11.2023   Module 3   AI Tools in Training and Consulting: ChatGPT Hands-On
  • 23.11.2023   Module 4   Design Thinking and OKR
  • 28.11.2023   Module 5   AI Library, Tool Overview, Prompting, and AI Limits

Bookable here

AI Learning Experiences


In-house Keynote and Workshop

Prompt Engineering


On 15.02.2024, the webinar on Prompt Engineering will take place again at the Institute for Personality (Link to follow).

Modern Elements of Project Management

Varying seminar locations

The VDI seminar series prepares engineers for project responsibility and conveys classic as well as modern skills of project management.

  • 19.03.2024 (Essen)
  • 17.09.2024 (Fürth)

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